Fashion Color wants more than anything else understand its customer and satisfy him with a quality “Full Service” proposal which, starting from the product takes care of all the elements around it. When you will come in our company you will find at your disposal a specialized team dedicated to your every single need.

We want you to feel the addressee not only of a product or service, but of a real Fashion Color Experience.
Our goals are
• Strengthen, extend and affirm the leadership position in all markets of our products / services

• Expand the Fashion Color activity in new commodity sectors proposing to the clients a complete and unique offer

In Fashion Color, the Vision is not a dream, but a reality to be achieved with daily and constant work. For this reason, our mission is clear and it defines the way we operate. It can be explained in four points
We offer complete and constantly evolving communication projects
which include Packaging and Merchandising solutions, enriched by a constant and efficiently customer service.

Our company is driven by creative, young and entrepreneurial minds, they work to value and promote all exchange relationship within our network.
We have a structure tested for decades, and by powerful and effective certified systems so we can ensure an high quality product, all Made in Italy.

We use eco-advanced materials, fully FSC certified and water-soluble glues of vegetable origin. We require our partners high standards for the protection and preservation of the environment.