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Boxes and Starter Kits

Our boxes and our starter kits are fully customizable, available in different materials and in all sizes and made with all types of printing.

They can be finished with plastic elements, fabric, brass, steel, metal, leather, cotton, with magnets or with interlocking closure or with a ribbon. Simple to use as boxes or to present your best products, our boxes are practical, easy to handle, easy to transport and multipurpose suitable to various articles.
Boxes, cases and kits represent a great way to promote your brand image, you can use them to publicize a particular line, to sell a kit of specific products, or to decorate your offer in particular periods of the year.

Our team pays special attention to every detail of your box: its interior is designed specifically for the content that it will have and the graphics are designed to meet your communication needs.

Rely on us for the design and implementation of your boxes, cases and kits we will be able to provide the quality and style you are looking for.