The packaging is the dress of a product, what enhances it and makes it unique, it communicates his style and his personality. Behind a valuable packaging there is the analysis of its content, the target to which it wants to be directed and the brand image that it wants to communicate.
Fashion Color conceive, design and produce cases in cardboard or PVC, boxes and starter kit fully customizable in shapes, colors and sizes with all types of printing.
We believe in the packaging communicative potential , in its role as a promotional tool, able to influence the customer buying behavior just like a brand. Even the choice of color is an element that we ponder well, not only for issues related to the visual impact or communication, but also for the symbolic meaning.
The materials we use are intended to protect the product, to maintain intact its shape and its usefulness. We always experiment original and technically advanced solutions following three basic guidelines: lightness, maneuverability and machinability.
Trust our experience for a packaging that makes the difference.