Hair Color Charts for hairdresser represent our core business, the product with which our company was founded.
In the sector, Fashion Color is recognized as a leader, not only for the twenty years of experience, but also for having had the ability to follow and, very often, to anticipate the evolution of this product.

Today our company is able to produce any kind of Hairdresser’s Color Charts, customized and unique, using innovative materials, well- advanced production techniques and ultra-modern machinery and technology.

Our color range is made up of 4000 shades and every day we work to offer you an even wider choice. Colors are reproduced on international yarn strands in monofilament of 1200 strands approx. We produce one welding locks or double welding locks, they can be single color, bicolor and tricolor. We offer a very wide variety of shapes, in fact, we produce not only the classic drop lock, but also Hook lock, U shaped drop lock, S shaped drop lock, 6 shaped drop lock, Brush premium lock, and brush with removable plastic clip and many others shapes to satisfy all your needs.
To help you to choose your color chart, we thought about your needs and we classified our offer into: