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Fashion Color designs and produces bound catalogs, brochures, look books, leaflets and flyers, fully customized, using offset printing and digital printing.

The catalog is one of the oldest marketing tools and one of the most commonly used. We believe that your catalog should not just be a simple aggregation of products, but we are convinced that, realized in the right way, it should be able to immerse the customer in a life philosophy, the one that the company applies to his daily work.

The brochure is a valuable tool to promote your company’s offer to a wide audience. In particular occasions such as fairs, events or sales promotions it is a powerful way to connect with new customers and a useful information system for the existing ones, this is why the communication style of your brochure should be simple, informative, light, it must attract the attention to those who still don’t know you and it have to make you more attractive to those who already know who you are.
We realize high quality pictures thanks to our photo studio to meet the illustration’s needs of the customer.

Our graphics give to promotional material an unique and inimitable style, for a successful and highly performing communication.